Smile rejuvenations and makeovers for him

pic-makeovers-for-menWhilst smile makeovers are now a very popular cosmetic procedure utilised by women, it shouldn't be forgotten that cosmetic dental veneers are equally applicable to men. In fact, men more than women tend to suffer trauma to their teeth, as well as having the same mis-shapen, discoloured and mis-aligned tooth problems as women.

Men are often reluctant about seeking help for their smile, and often feel embarrassed or even may feel that they will appear to be labelled as being vain, It is our experience that many men will come to discuss their smiles, following research or prompting from their partners. However they arrive at our office, we have a range of smile options available to them. Since teeth are often chipped, worn and uneven, smile rejuvenations are more often than not functional, as well as being cosmetic in nature.

When designing smiles especially for men, we take into consideration the character of their smile, inherent masculinity, the natural features of the individual and smile dynamics.

Following are a few examples of smile makeovers that we have created for some of our male clientele using our very own SassySmiles dental veneers.

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SassySmiles is a concept we have developed to deliver "Simply Affordable Smiles".

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SassySmiles can transform average looking teeth into glamorous, beautiful smiles in as little as just 2 visits.

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