About SassySmiles

pic-couple-beachSassySmiles can transform average looking teeth into glamorous, beautiful smiles. These thin facades of porcelain, referred to as dental veneers, are very popular for people with irregular, chipped, or discoloured teeth. The process is less invasive than many dental procedures and is often considered the treatment of choice over bonding.

Dr Wells was one of the first prominent dentists using similar, revolutionary techniques that first came to Australia. With years of experience using these techniques, the time delays and lack of control over the look of the end product made overseas, encouraged Dr Wells to seek an Australian made locally. None existed, so together with a well-respected Sydney dental laboratory, Dr Wells developed a technique that is not only long lasting, but more natural looking.

SassySmiles dental veneers usually require a minimal amount of tooth preparation, over which a thin veneer of porcelain (usually less than 0.5mm - even less than the products made overseas leading to a far superior, translucent, natural result) is bonded to the tooth. This procedure usually requires just two visits over just two weeks and is very conservative. Time in the chair is minimised, and because there is minimal tooth preparation (the need to grind down or drill into teeth), there is often no anaesthetic required (and therefore no injections).

pic-couple-treesThe system is a more affordable option and may be as little as half the cost of more traditional veneers. The cost savings come about because of reduced time spent in the dental chair, and therefore, less time spent with the dentist. At Simply Beautiful Smiles, our dentist, Dr John Wells, has over 25 years cosmetic dental experience. Our patients not only get the benefits of SassySmiles in terms of cost savings, but the artistic eye of a professional, well-known and respected in his field.

Single tooth reconstruction or a whole new smile can be achieved in this fashion.

SassySmiles uses the same strong, beautiful porcelain used in other modern dental veneer systems, with two significant benefits to you:

  • it is made right here in Sydney (not in a laboratory overseas), with stringent infection control guidelines This also means that your new smile can be ready in as little as two weeks.
  • it is completely individualised for every case, in terms of colour, so we can achieve a very life-like smile, not one that is just one colour (unless of course that's your desire!). This is certainly not the case with other well-known veneer techniques currently available.

pic-manWell-looked after, together with regular checkups, this product comes with our own personal warrantee, much in the same way that we warrantee our other services.

As with other similar techniques, there are limitations to suitability. To determine your options/suitability for our own Sassy Smiles veneer system, we are pleased to offer a personal, Complimentary, SassySmiles Consulation. Why not call us now on (02) 4731 1599 and quote SSW to arrange your complimentary consultation now. It may be the beginning of a whole new you.

Travelling from a Distance?

Many of our clients travel a significant distance of several hours or more to visit with us. We have a significant number of clientele visiting with us from Bathurst, Orange, Mudgee, Parkes, Forbes, Dubbo and Cowra, even Canberra, Western Australian and Queensland. If this applies to you, and you would like to take advantage of a complimentary cosmetic smile evaluation, please notify our staff when calling to claim your complimentary consultation. We have strategies in place to minimise your visits with us, whilst at the same time offering the high standard of care that we have come to be renowned and respected for.

About SassySmiles

SassySmiles is a concept we have developed to deliver "Simply Affordable Smiles".

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SassySmiles can transform average looking teeth into glamorous, beautiful smiles in as little as just 2 visits.

Complimentary consultation

Take advantage of our complimentary cosmetic smile evaluation. Call us now on (02) 4731 1599 and quote SSW.