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SassySmiles is a painless, more affordable dental veneer option for worn, irregular, chipped, stained, discoloured or misaligned teeth, over traditional veneering techniques. It is a service that has been designed to assist those on a budget, giving more options for creating smile makeovers and 'smile lifts'.

A stunning new smile can be achieved in as little as just 2 visits. The results speak for themselves and the dental veneers are deceptively strong and resilient. Results can be completely individualised to give a naturally bright smile or even a "Hollywood" blockbuster smile - the choice is yours. If you are unsure, just ask our Cosmetic Dentist, Dr John Wells, whose eye for detail will take into account the shape of your face, lips, skin tone, whilst keeping in mind of course, the look you want to create.

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About SassySmiles

SassySmiles is a concept we have developed to deliver "Simply Affordable Smiles".

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SassySmiles can transform average looking teeth into glamorous, beautiful smiles in as little as just 2 visits.

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Take advantage of our complimentary cosmetic smile evaluation. Call us now on (02) 4731 1599 and quote SSW.